Questions. Answers?

Questions. Answers?

What do you want to hear about?

We’re periodically admonished to start a podcast. Sometimes that influence comes from “the experts”, sometimes in person. In both cases though, detail is almost always missing. What should we talk about? What do you want to listen to? What’s worth your time?

The Grand Question

If you’re not already trying to answer that question… why not? As a small business owner, as a startup founder, as a person with limited seconds left in this version of consciousness (regardless of whether you believe there’s more to come or maybe we’re destined to be — or already are — holograms), how should you spend that time?

A Suitable Answer

SMBple is all about helping. It’s speeding things up. It’s simplifying things that are unnecessarily complicated. It’s providing a path through business challenges that doesn’t require distraction from the core mission. As such, when you spend time with us, we want it to be productive. We want you to learn something, to save time, to be happier, to become more satisfied, to gain clarity, to enjoy the perspective of others, to improve.

Along those lines, we can (and often will) try to guess what it is you’d like to hear. We’d also like to directly hear from you. What topics do you care about? What might we discuss that is worth receiving 15 minutes or so of invaluable time? Tell us!