Money for (almost) Nothing

Money for (almost) Nothing

US coins on a table

TANSTAAFL. So really, “what’s the catch?”

Encouraging the Word-of-Mouth Referral

Our vendors love the platform. Check out a few of the testimonials on the front page. Take a look at the vendor map and contact them yourself to find out what they think. We want to spread the word farther and faster, though! That’s why we want to reward vendors who sign up other active vendors.

How Do You Reward Your Customer Referrals?

You probably give them something they want, right? A free cup of coffee. A doughnut. A beer. 10% off services. Something that shows you genuinely appreciate the referral and strengthens the affection they have for you.

We think the same way. If you use the platform, we think you’ll love it (and we want to know if you don’t). If you love it, we want you to tell your fellow small business owners. The return? Choose between fee rebates or cash rewards. The program selection link is available in your welcome email message on signup and in each sales report. It’s as simple as sharing your referral ID and selecting a program.

What’s the Catch?

Our catch is pretty simple, really. This program is predicated on an “everyone wins” approach. Your rewards grow based on the usage of the platform by those you refer, not simply the number of signups. This means that spamming all your friends isn’t effective (a point your friends appreciate greatly). Telling fellow business owners/managers (whether it’s a retail location or your favorite home party salesperson) who might have a need is effective. And since it’s free to sign up for SMBple Sell, it’s free to register for the referral program, and the program is only a single level, the incentives come from doing the right thing.

Action Matters

Like many things in life, what you do matters more than what you say. To keep a robust local business ecosystem, remember to #shopsmall and #buylocal whenever it makes sense for your personal and professional purchases. Remember that if you want others to consider your business before “the big guys”, it helps if you do the same. Remember that memes, messaging, and “likes” may be good… sharing is better… acting is best.

It’s a philosophy we put into practice every day. Let us prove it to you and your referrals.