The Path from A to Change

The Path from A to Change

How do you feel when you have to detour from your plan, make an unexpected change? Anxious? Upset? Excited?

From A to B

“The Path” is often described (by people who have never walked it) as a 1-2-3 recipe to success. Do this. Do that. Profit!

Anyone who’s actually traveled a business from the start understands that this graphic is far more likely to be true. Monday mornings seem to be the most common day to realize that the knotted path is actually the only path. Insert funny “Mondays are terrible” meme here. Or maybe, don’t. For most entrepreneurs, including small business owners, Monday is really just another step along the path. Will you be going forward, backward, or sideways? What will determine that?

From A to Wherever’s Next

As you may have noticed, we’ve recently rebranded. We were planning on this but not at this time, yet here we are. We’re better for it. What lesson is there worth sharing out of it? “Change happens” would be cliche. Change does happen though. Look at your business. What bothers you about it? What are you doing to resolve that discontent? How are you making the best of that crooked path to success while keeping true to your ideals and mission? Is the sudden hard left throwing you off your game or are you looking ahead to see how you can take advantage of the new view?

Discourage Discouragement

It’s easy to take a curveball (had enough different metaphors yet?) as a permanent rather than a temporary setback. Look at that image again; it can go backwards quite a distance before righting itself. If you’re not prepared for that, it can be easy to give up. When change doesn’t match your expectations – our rebranding before we were “ready”, for example – everything gets called into question. Train yourself to expect the unexpected. Set yourself for the adventures you don’t know as well as the ones you do.

We’re thrilled with the new name, messaging, and clarity that comes from the SMBple branded it shows in the site. Whatever new directions the wind takes you and your business, get excited! Harness that energy for your team and for your business success!

Image Notes
  • There are several versions of the “path to success” graphic floating around. This particular one comes from Northeast Indiana Innovation Center,
  • The featured image is of a sidewalk at Hendrix College, Conway, Arkansas. The path remains in harmony with its surroundings by being flexible.