“Direct” – Convenience & Security

“Direct” – Convenience & Security

On 28-March, we soft-launched Direct, our self-service payment portal. How does it improve convenience and security? Why do you care?

An All-Too-Common Scenario

As a small business, you sometimes need to “remotely” settle accounts with clients. It may be a telephone or Instagram order, an impromptu invoice payment, a correction of a previous transaction, or any number of other possibilities. How do you get the payment credentials today? If your business is like many we talk to, you get a telephone call, transcribe the credit card number, expiration, and security code, then go to whatever you currently use to process payments and enter the info. Done, right? (And let’s hope they don’t decide to email you their payment information!)

How meticulous are you about the security of that information you wrote down? Are you shredding the paper? Securely deleting files? You may not realize it, but by receiving this information, you now play a crucial role in protecting your client’s identity and sensitive financial details.

A Better Answer

The SMBple platform is all about faster and simpler. Direct is no different; if you’re a SMBple Sell vendor, Direct is already available for you, no additional steps or configuration required! You automatically get an easy-to-use direct link to give to your clients.

Once your clients follow the link, it’s just as easy for your clients.

  1. The customer describes what they’re paying
  2. The customer describes any special instructions (split payments across invoices or provide Instagram order details, for examples)
  3. The customer sets the amount and securely pays

It’s faster, simpler, and more secure for them and for you!

Integrated Into the SMBple Experience

What happens next? Exactly what you’d expect:

  • The business (AKA “you”) are notified of the Direct payment
  • The client gets an emailed receipt
  • The transaction is included in the periodic business business reports, just like face-to-face sales

Faster, Simpler, More Secure

Clients can settle their account with you on their schedule; you win. You’re not burdened with protecting client credit card details; you win. Automatically available as part of your use of the SMBple platform; you win.

We want you to win.


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