Get growth for your small business in 2018!

Get growth for your small business in 2018!

Small business growth

You’re probably rolling back into your business by now, crunching last year’s numbers and looking at how to amplify your growth in 2018. Funny, we’re doing the same thing!

Any Time is a Good Time to Reflect on Growth

Of course, we’re not digging into your books but we are looking for small business roadblocks. Where do you spend your most unproductive time? What are your biggest headaches? How can you craft and experience that will create more repeat customers who spend more? How do you avoid dragging down the things your business is good at? How do you keep your employees happy at the same time?

Now and Later

So what does SMBple have in mind? Your business can take advantage of existing benefits by using SMBple Sell right now (and be prepared for some nifty additions through 2018):

  • Faster transactions – blow customers away by how quickly they’re out the door. Less hassle means happier customers, more growth.
  • Easier transactions – with tax-included price handling and automatic sales tax rate lookup by location, selling gets even easier. Even dollar pricing with tax-included handing means less fumbling for change for your customers and your employees. Better accuracy and smoother cash sales means less loss and the ability to serve more, happier customers in the less time.
  • Easier capture of marketing email information – email receipts right away and give the customer the opt-in question right at sale time. Your business gets the info attached to the automatically emailed sales reports for import into whatever mailing list manager you’re already using. Easier contact with your existing customers drives more repeat visits, meaning more growth.
  • Simple to use – no extra hardware, uncluttered screens, designed keep your device under business control. It’s a more engaging, personal experience between humans; the technology is just a bridge. A stronger, more direct relationship fosters greater growth.
  • Risk-free – no charge to install or register (and only takes about 15 minutes). No cancel-by gotchas. No contracts. Pay-as-you-go model means no fees if you don’t use it. If you have no system today, get started immediately. Already running on of “the other guys”? Set up SMBple Sell as a backup. Test it whenever you like.

Dive in or Talk to Us!

Want to know more? Want to discuss whether the SMBple platform is right for your business (we’ll honestly tell you if it’s not – partnerships are our goal)? Not finding what you’re looking for in our FAQs? Tag us on social media (@smbple on Facebook, Twitter, IG) or email!