Author: SMBple

The Important Stuff No One Sees

When you’re prepping for your small business day, how much work do you do that no one ever sees? Most of it, right? Whether you’re a retailer getting the shelves stocked; a mobile food vendor prepping ingredients, a crafter literally making your wares, it can seem a little rough at times, un- (or at least…
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Potato Chips for Breakfast

  Sometimes, things get weird. It’s that way with startups and small businesses alike. You have plans. You have schedules. You have goals. And then you wind up with potato chips for breakfast. Every day, you wake up looking to get done what you need to do. Many days, things go smoothly (even if they’re…
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What’s in a name?

It’s cliché but the answer is both nothing and everything. When you can see a thing, the name doesn’t matter much. A rose, as the saying goes, and all that. If you can’t or haven’t seen a thing, what it’s called can be crucial to conveying meaning. Enter SMBple. Since we started on this path over…
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