Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find info about SMBple platform privacy?
Where can I find info about Stripe privacy?


Is SMBple keeping pictures of cards?

Device Support

Will older Apple devices work?
Are Android devices supported?


How long does it take to get my money? (Sell)
What are the fees for businesses? (Sell)
What are the fees for business refunds? (Sell)
Are there opportunities for discounts? (Sell)
Are there opportunities for discounts for non-profits? (Sell)


Does it cost anything for users? (Caddy)


Does SMBple Sell work in Canada? (or insert non-USA country here)
Does SMBple Sell support non-US Dollar transactions?

Cryptocurrency Support

Does SMBple Sell support Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium, Dogecoin, Litecoin, etc?
Does the SMBple platform utilize blockchain technology?


Can the SMBple platform be used for cannabis businesses?