Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find info about SMBple platform privacy?
Where can I find info about Stripe privacy?
Stripe is the company that handles the actual debit/credit card transactions. You can find out more about their privacy policies in the US here:


Is SMBple keeping pictures of cards?
The SMBple apps (both Sell and Caddy) use optical scanning to read cardholder data off traditional cards. This is done via the back camera of the device. What happens next is important: the image that’s used for scanning is destroyed in memory so it’s not recoverable, the cardholder data is securely sent to Stripe for conversion to a one-time use token (Sell) or to a Stripe-specific identifier (Caddy). This secures the transaction (Sell) and the locally-stored information (Caddy).

Device Support

Will older Apple devices work?
Version 1.x of both SMBple Sell and SMBple Caddy work with older devices. How old? iPad 3 or newer, iPod touch (5th generation or newer), iPhone 5 or newer, running iOS 7+. The newer the device, the better the experience though, particularly when it comes to the speed and quality of the back camera for optical scanning.
Are Android devices supported?
Not at this time. We’re always evaluating what the best approach is to serve our customers so it’s possible that will change in the future.


How long does it take to get my money? (Sell)
The exact amount of time from sale to deposit may vary depending on multiple factors. Commonly, it’s two business days or fewer. Bank holidays, weekend sales, and requests for information from Stripe about your account may cause delays, for examples.
What are the fees for businesses? (Sell)
SMBple Sell is free to install and register. There are no inactivity or maintenance fees. Pay-as-you-go per-transaction fees are Stripe’s fees + 1% (as of 2017-03-06).
What are the fees for business refunds? (Sell)
For SMBple Sell vendors who signed up prior to 14-Sep-2017: all fees will be refunded when the refund is initiated through the SMBple Sell app.
For SMBple Sell vendors who sign up on or after 14-Sep-2017: Stripe fees will not be refunded (a decision by Stripe). SMBple Sell fees will continue to be refunded for refunds initiated through the app.
Are there opportunities for discounts? (Sell)
We’re always open to discuss volume discounts and special arrangements for the portion of the fees we control. If you’re interested in discussing the same with our service provider, you can inquire regarding Enterprise Pricing at Stripe itself.
Are there opportunities for discounts for non-profits? (Sell)
In conjunction with our willingness to discuss your particular circumstances, our referral program offers a boost to the payouts for non-profits to either accelerate your fee rebates or increase the amount of cash your organization can earn.


Does it cost anything for users? (Caddy)
SMBple Caddy has no fees. It is free to download, register, and use.


Does SMBple Sell work in Canada? (or insert non-USA country here)
Not at this time. If you have a favorite country where you’d like to see the SMBple platform, let us know!
Does SMBple Sell support non-US Dollar transactions?
Not at this time. Support for other currencies is closely related to making the platform available in other countries.

Cryptocurrency Support

Does SMBple Sell support Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium, Dogecoin, Litecoin, etc?
Not currently. We’re always watching the market to see what technologies will help small businesses and their customers though. As an aside, our position was recently reinforced by Stripe’s decision to stop processing Bitcoin transactions.
Does the SMBple platform utilize blockchain technology?
Not at this time. As with the cryptocurrencies themselves, the possibilities are exciting but it’s too early yet to predict where the specific benefits for non-technology small businesses and their customers will arise.


Can the SMBple platform be used for cannabis businesses?
The answer is, “probably not”. As not only a state-by-state regulated industry but one that is considered illegal at the US federal level, there is no banking support for these businesses. As such, Stripe will decline to process any transactions related to these businesses. We know there’s a huge demand for tools that will work in these businesses; SMBple is watching possible changes in banking law closely as well as evaluating ways to bring our speed and ease of use to cash-only businesses. If you would be interested in being the first to know what we come up with in restricted industries, send us a message.