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Competition Means Many Things

The questions often come up… “who’s your competition?” or it’s close cousin “what’s your challenge getting to prospects?” As a startup, it’s all too often tempting to say “we don’t have competition” but everyone knows that’s wishful thinking. Everyone competes even if you think you don’t. “Is Square your competition?” It’s nice to have marketing…
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Small business growth

Get growth for your small business in 2018!

You’re probably rolling back into your business by now, crunching last year’s numbers and looking at how to amplify your growth in 2018. Funny, we’re doing the same thing! Any Time is a Good Time to Reflect on Growth Of course, we’re not digging into your books but we are looking for small business roadblocks.…
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“Now you’re done, right?”

I was mentioning Direct to a client yesterday and I got the title question back. Nothing left to create, right? Did Someone Say Gobstopper? For those who aren’t in the startup world, the idea of a product and/or feature pipeline can be confusing. What’s left to do? That sort of response is both good and…
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Questions. Answers?

What do you want to hear about? We’re periodically admonished to start a podcast. Sometimes that influence comes from “the experts”, sometimes in person. In both cases though, detail is almost always missing. What should we talk about? What do you want to listen to? What’s worth your time? The Grand Question If you’re not…
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